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My journey to becoming a full-time wedding photographer is pretty unconventional, to say the least... It started back in 2015 during my Sophomore year of high school, when I was placed into a yearbook class instead of a regular elective. I protested this because "who would want to spend all year with some yearbook nerds" but I couldn't get switched out into another class regardless of how much I annoyed my advisor. My sweet yearbook teacher put up with my whining by handing me a camera and told me to "go take pictures of the student body at the football game after school." Thus, turning me into one of the yearbook nerds.. I quickly realized it was cool to be carrying around a camera, constantly preserving moments from the school year and sharing them with my friends. From there I was hooked, I began taking pictures of family and friends in my free time while learning editing techniques via YouTube, and posting them to Facebook. Luckily for me, as my curiosity grew, so did my editing skills. I grew my little business by taking senior portraits as a side hustle during the summer months to make some extra money before I went off to college. I went to school originally planning to set photography aside to study broadcast journalism, but each summer I came back to my hometown I still got requests to shoot senior portraits. After finishing up my Junior year I realized I loved photography waaay more than going into broadcasting after completing a few internships. So I took the leap to complete my degree online from CU Boulder in order to begin pursuing wedding photography and it has been some of the most rewarding years! Currently, I reside in Castle Rock, Colorado but split time in St. Petersburg, Florida

Thank you for taking the time to consider me, I know how many options you have when it comes to photography. Every photo I take whether its for a wedding, family or senior, serves a purpose and I'm very intentional with what I capture. This results in curated galleries that convey a storybook aesthetic of timeless images. Ones that don't exist simply for social media. They exist so that we can keep those tangible memories with us, memories that make us feel something.
My colors and editing are true to life and the colors you see around you everyday. I want my imagery to stand the test of time. Not just the current year and trend. I best describe my work as timeless with true-to-life approach with an editorial twist. Regardless, I always give my absolute all and my full attention to every moment of each session I take on!

xo, Kaili

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We are so thankful to have worked with the wonderful and talented Kaili. Kaili is extremely professional and responsive, and we are so glad she was recommended to us. We selected the 8 hour wedding package, as well as a 2nd shooter at the wedding. This was perfect for our wedding day to get pictures getting ready, first look, the ceremony and reception. The engagement session was very beneficial to us because it allowed us to be more comfortable in front of the camera on the day of the wedding. We used the photos for our wedding guest book. Kaili worked closely with our wedding planner so everything was organized on the day of our wedding. Kaili also worked seamlessly with our videographer so we could focus on each other and our wedding and not only having pictures taken. We love our wedding pictures so much! The whole process was smooth and easy and we will continue to recommend Kaili Hanenburg Photography to anyone who will hear it! 

Jeanne + Brian


My husband and I got married in June 2024, and Kaili was our engagement & wedding photographer. There are not enough words to describe how amazing she is. Kaili went more than above and beyond not only on the wedding day, but throughout the entire time leading up to the wedding to help us. Both my husband and I are awkward when getting pictures taken, but Kaili made us feel so comfortable and kept us laughing during our entire engagement session and wedding day. She made it so easy! Kaili was prepared and made sure to have a list of the wedding party and immediate family for formal photos to make sure it was efficient and that no one got left out. Kaili regularly acted as our wedding coordinator during our wedding day and talked with other vendors to make sure we stayed on schedule and that everything was going according to plan but also as my husband and I wanted. I truly believe the day would not have been as smooth if she wasn’t there. Numerous guests at our wedding went out of their way to tell me how great and helpful our photographer was and what an amazing job she did! On top of all that, we received so many photos back of the entire day, it’s almost like we had a videographer. I’m able to look through all the pictures and remember everything & every tiny detail almost 6 months later. If you are on the fence about a photographer, go with Kaili & you will not be disappointed. We feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with her. She truly exceeded all of our expectations and we are so thankful to her for giving us perfect memories of the best day of our lives. Thank you, Kaili!

Shannon & Jacob


Oh boy, where do I even begin?? KAILI IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! If you're looking for a wedding photographer, the good news is you can go ahead and stop your search now! We used Kaili for our engagement photos and she did such a KILLER job that we immediately knew she had to be our wedding photographer. We trusted her based on the previous work that she'd do a fabulous job... but our wedding photos turned out better than we could've ever imagined. Because of Kaili, we now have these spectacular photos that we get to cherish forever, and she really did capture every special little moment and the authenticity behind each one. She is professional, timely, creative, fun, and very calming to work with. My husband and I are certainly not the best "posers" in front of a camera (lol), but the cool thing is that Kaili is a pro at giving directions and making sure that you feel comfortable and confident in every setting. So, professional model or not, you're going to feel like one! I'm sure those of you reading this have read hundreds of reviews by now, but I genuinely have to tell you THIS IS YOUR GIRL!! <3 Kaili, thank you SO much for all you've done and the absolutely breathtaking photos you provided from our very favorite day. YOU'RE THE BEST!! exceeded all of our expectations and we are so thankful to her for giving us perfect memories of the best day of our lives. Thank you, Kaili!

Lauren & Zeb

eye for beauty

Picking a photographer Is one of the toughest parts of wedding planning because pictures are one of the only ways you get to capture and remember your wedding day. If you are looking for a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, Is Incredibly professional, and takes gorgeous photos, then Kaili Is the one for you. During the wedding, she helped keep everything on schedule, assisted with day-of needs, and was always ready to capture special moments. She has an eye for beauty and was so creative and fun to have with our bridal party the entire day. I would highly recommend her to anyone! xoxo  absolutely breathtaking photos you provided from our very favorite day. YOU'RE THE BEST!! exceeded all of our expectations and we are so thankful to her for giving us perfect memories of the best day of our lives. Thank you, Kaili!

Tara & Luke

Time & Dedication

Our engagement session with Kaili was more than amazing! Working with her was a pleasure from start to finish. She takes so much time and dedication in her work and we were so happy with the authenticity that she was able to capture in our engagement session! we are absolutely obsessed with our engagement photos. she is so fun to be with too, she definitely made our session a blast!

Ryan & Ellie

Time & Dedication

KAILI IS PHENOMENAL. The way she was able to capture our love on our wedding day is unreal. It is perfect. Our first look came back so fast, we were amazed because obviously we didn't want to wait because we were so excited to see them, and it was so fast we didn't feel like we had to wait hardly at all. Our wedding day went by so fast, just like everyone said it would, but Kaili captured very precious moments that I forgot even happened because there were so many of them. My husband and I are so thankful for that because we now have these pictures forever. They are S T U N N I N G. She was so easy to work with, very professional, willing to listen to my crazy ideas and make them happen. When we touched base before the wedding she asked if there was any special moments we wanted captured and she got all of them. She was able to make all of my husband’s groomsmen feel comfortable throughout the day, even when most of them are not used to getting their picture taken. We are so thankful we hired her, she truly is amazing. 

Jordan & Krysta

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